Posted by: rockster11 | August 4, 2009

Storms quickly racing across Illinois…

Hey all… Looks like we may have some action racing this way We are currently under a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH until 4 p.m this afternoon… I am a bit skeptical on if the current mesoscale complex in Illinois will keep its intensity to this area, but for the moment it is holding its own… Main threats will be the same cha cha cha that you are used to hearing, Large Hail, Damaging Wind, and extreme lightning… Heavy rain is also quite possible, especially if training sets up in this immediate area.. So far we have a warm front about 2 counties south of hamilton, storms are firing juuuuuust north of this front and are staying juuuuuuuust south of our area… If the warm front advances north by a county or two, we will be in the line for heavy rain… There are already numerous flooding problems down south in counties like Brown…

All in All it’s going to be a cloudy, rainy day… Enjoy!!!


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