Posted by: rockster11 | July 28, 2009

What a cool summer!

Hello everyone.. I will do my best to post to this blog at least once a week, more if the weather warrants… Being someone who can’t stand extreme heat and humidity, this summer has been a dream for me!! For others however, who love the heat, you have all been greatly robbed.. Have no fear I believe in August we will get some “payback”…..

Let me explain to you in laymans terms what has happend to cause this cool summer.. During a normal Summer, the Jet Stream usually runs in a flat line up in Canada. However, this year the Jet Stream is running straight through the mid US… This is allowing a “ferris wheel effect” of  upper level troughs to run abnormally south bringing us storm systems followed by persistant cooler air reinforcements… Basically what it boils down to is if the Jet continues to ride right through our area without retreating north, then the cool pattern will persist… I believe that the jet will start retreating into Canada in August, allowing for some hotter temps to be the rule…

Some weather offices have already put out their winter outlooks. I am a bit opinionated when it comes to long range forecasting (greater than two weeks out) These forecasts are to taken with a grain of salt because of the current pattern we are in suggests an El Nino has us in its grip… But most forecasts “so far” point to a less snowy winter for this area and perhaps a milder than normal winter… Again, I DON’T recommend taking these long range forecasts you see like the gospel… Too much can happen and I’ve seen pattern changes that completely turn the above said forecast into falsehoods….

Sorry for the lack of posting but I will now start updating once a week, and if the weather warrants I will post more!! Enjoy the rest of our summer, I’m ready for snow!!!!


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